What does SIX OF CUPS mean in a Love Tarot reading?

What does SIX OF CUPS mean in a Love Tarot reading?
‘how your partner feels about you: SIX OF CUPS’ is what I pulled out of my relationship tarot reading

I’m a little confused if he feels good of bad about me.
queen of cups – present status of relationship

how i see myself – the chariot

ace of wands – how i feel about my partner

ace of pentacles – how my partner views me

seven pentacles – how i see my partner

the heirophant – what stands between us

six of cups – how my partner feels about me

i’m espcially confused about the last one. each site says something different

Suggestion by Murzy
Six of Cups signals that your past lover would come back in your life to start over

Suggestion by kat j
with the placement of the cards, the 6 of cups would mean that although he still loves you and sees you as his goal (ace of pentacles), he’s only contented of his memories of you as of the moment (6 of cups) due to some barriers, perhaps tradition, religion, probably parents (most especially the patriarch of the family) or whatever it is that currently governs his life that is tradition/roots-related.

Suggestion by ♥ Diamond Doll ♥
Six of cups is the nostalgia card. It *usually* indicates that there is some reminiscing about the past going on. Generally stands for comforting or fond memories. Now, a lot of it depends on the position of the card, but that’s the traditional meaning.

My read on the situation?

Queen of cups – Things are good, generally fulfilling, there is a lot of emotion going on. You in particular may be reaching out to him a lot.

The chariot – You are full speed ahead. Either in this relationship, in your career, in school, or whatever. You have the will to steer yourself wherever you need to go.

Ace of wands – You see your partner as strong and virile. Communication is good.

Ace of pentacles – The ace of pentacles is a card of wealth, wisdom, and stability. Again, this sounds positive.

The heirophant – What stands between you is tradition. That’s a little uncertain for me. Perhaps one of you is ready to take things to the next level and one isn’t? Or perhaps one of you is more in favor of a very traditional relationship and the other is more free-spiritied? Maybe family members are complicating things?

Six of cups – Like I said, generally a card of looking back to the past with fond memories.

It’s all up to interpretation, but that’s what I get out of them.

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  1. Miss 6 November 13, 2013 at 7:27 am #

    6 of cups indicates either a pass friend or childhood association with a person. I would say in this position that they may feel like you’re an old friend or like they’ve known you forever.

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