Free Online Tarot Cards

As a means of divination, Tarot is indeed the art of foreseeing the far-off scenarios or unfolding the unknown. It’s generally comprised of a set of cards that will be surely dealt into a particular spread, based on what our questions are. As long as dealing with the cards, we’re advised to zero in on a specific snag we can be experiencing, or simply think about any aspect of our life which we’re in need of more clarity. The tarot has been traditionally interpreted by a Tarot reader – either amateur or professional. However, recently, advanced techs have been commonly used to get an access to Tarot readings online or even through CD guidelines.

Easy-To-Do Ways Of Practicing Tarot Cards

Tarot has undergone lots of the permutations in its design, use, and interpretation over time.

Free Online Tarot Cards

For example, there is clearly evidence to show that one of the initial permutations was truly in using Tarot cards as essential inspiration for poetry (possibly the first use in illustrating aspects of the humans’ personality traits and psyche). Later, the cards have been utilized as card game and spiritual tools.

In a Tarot card deck, there will be all 78 cards. Such the cards are often divided into two important groups: the Major Arcana & Minor Arcana. Basically, Arcana tends to stand for mystery, reflecting the secretive wisdom which is contained in each card. As a result, it’s not hard to understand why Major Arcana, or Great Mysteries, includes 22 cards that indicate our journey through the life. When it comes to Minor Arcana, this group consists of 56 cards that denote our day-to-day activities and living. It may be split into 4 main suits: Cups, Wands, Coins, and Swords.

The suits on the whole

  • The Suit of Wands (Fire element): Action, change, resolution, & beginning.
  • The suit of Cups (Water element): Emotions, feeling, love, & spirituality.
  • The suit of Swords (Air element): Ideas, reason, conflict, & understanding.
  • The suit of Coins (Earth element): Money, abundance, & property.

It’s worth pointing out that every suit will involve numbered cards from Ace to Ten, in addition to 4 Court Cards (the Page, Knight, Queen, & King).

Free Online Tarot Cards

The Court Cards
Traditionally, these cards often represent a vital person in our life, or an aspect of ourselves. Turning up the card with the name “Knight of Wands,” for instance, will suggest that we or someone in our life can be irresponsibly acting, and then behaving just as the Knight. In order to add the “Court Card” analyses into our reading, a large number of online FREE Tarot sources will certainly give us a hand providing that we know the way to screen the most truthful and reliable sites for practicing.

Card numbering
In fact, the definitions beneath will not be intended to offer comprehensive views. Instead, they prefer to give us generic patterns as well as a rough path via the available suits. Try to use them for reference:

  • Ace: The essence of its suit
  • 2: Initial steps into the field of the suit
  • 3: Extra steps
  • 4: Inner blocks that should be overcome along the path
  • 5: Strife, hardship, conflict, & struggle
  • 6: Learning new lessons & journeys
  • 7: Enjoying more challenging experiences to break into the new
  • 8: A desire to persist through dilemmas
  • 9: Final lessons
  • 10: The last result of grasping all lessons from the suit
  • Page: An apprentice who plays and learns with the essence of the suit
  • Knight: The dark or rebellious side to the suit
  • King: The masculine manifestation of the suit, including its “outer & worldly” aspect
  • Queen: The feminine manifestation of the suit, including its inner aspect

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